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Moneypots preview

Moneypots is an Angular app which allows you to keep track of your money across multiple bank accounts. For users who open separate accounts for different purposes (E.G. Halifax for Christmas, Lloyds for that holiday to New York!), Moneypots keeps a record of the total in each, enabling you to conveniently view all of your savings pots in one place.

Moneypots Preview

Set targets for each pot individually, and watch as your progress towards that goal increases or decreases as you deposit or withdraw funds. When you reach your target, the progress bar changes colour, making it immediately obvious when you can buy your new Ferrari!

Moneypots Preview

Update an existing pot to re-purpose it for a new goal. Perhaps your partner has put their foot down over that luxury holiday to Bali, instead prioritising a deposit on a house… It is easy to update the pot name, account, target and icon to start saving for something else.

The app is built in Angular, and communicates with a Node.js, Express and MongoDB back-end API to retrieve and update the pot data displayed in the client.