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Meal Genie is a meal planning app to help you decide on your recipes for the week. Easily add your own favourites, and Meal Genie will generate a random meal plan for the week at the touch of a button. Take the hassle out of thinking of meals, now all you need to do is cook!

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The Recipes tab displays all of the recipes that you have already saved in the app. You can browse this like a specially curated list of your favourite meals. Not sure what you fancy for dinner tonight? Just peruse the Recipes tab and you'll soon come across a recipe you just can't resist.

The Meal Plan tab is where the magic really happens. Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of planning out your meals for the entire week? Meal Genie will come to your rescue by automatically generating a plan from a random selection of the recipe list.

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Things get extra clever when you really want to start customising your meal plan further. Touching the padlock icon will lock in that meal for the day. In the example above we lock in Monday, Thursday and Friday, then hit the Genie button to generate another meal plan. Meal Genie will keep the meals you locked in for those days and generate you a new selection for the rest. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday have had a brand new meal selected for that week!

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Already know at the start of the week you'll have a mad craving for that tantalising tandoori chicken on Friday night? Tap the search icon for Friday and you'll get a popup to select a specific meal for that day. Hit the plus button and your tandoori chicken is plonked in there just waiting for those Friday night good times!

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You can easily add new recipes by tapping the floating + button on the Recipes tab. Not only can you add your secret family recipe details in here, you can also add your very own expertly taken image straight from your photo gallery.

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From the recipe detail page, you can see your delicious recipe in all its glory, but you can also edit and delete it from this screen too. A popup will warn you before deleting, to make sure you don't lose your grandma's meatball recipe by accident!

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